Divorced Dad and mom and Going, the Custody Issue

Quite a few divorced moms and dads with custody of small children are looking at relocating out of Michigan in order to settle for new work. A lot of occasions these mothers and fathers are demanded to go out of the point out in buy to find satisfactory employment to help their family members. This […]

Divorce – When Child Access is Denied

Child access, sometimes referred to as visitation, can prove to be very challenging for divorced or separated parents. Children are always best served when both parents act reasonably and civilly toward each other and realize that, whatever they think of one another, their children benefit most by having two loving and concerned adults in their […]

Worries of Substantial Conflict Divorce on Children

In accordance to scientists, approximately thirty per cent of all divorces have durations of rigorous dad or mum to father or mother conflict. These parents are the most significant bring about for their children’s struggles with divorce. When mother and father are in higher conflict divorces, children suffer. The investigation evidently supports this primary simple […]

Divorced Mom and dad and Moving, the Custody Issue

Several divorced mom and dad with custody of children are taking into consideration relocating out of Michigan in purchase to acknowledge new work. Quite a few situations these mom and dad are demanded to transfer out of the condition in order to uncover acceptable employment to support their family members. This challenge results in being […]

Why Are Single Parent Families On The Increase?

A few friends and I were sitting talking the other day, and the question came up about why there are more single parents in today’s society than ever before. The phenomenon is not new, but it is definitely on the increase. The question is why? Are there more single parents because more spouses are divorcing, […]

The Costs of Rising Divorce Rates Across The US

The latest statistics claim roughly 60% of marriages end in divorce. Second or third marriages have only about 20% of couples remaining happily married. A full eighty percent of repeat marriages end in divorce. Over one million children watch their parents divorce each year, and half of the babies born this year will suffer through […]