Finding to the Coronary heart of Reflexology

A number of a long time ago, I was requested to be the keynote speaker for the New Zealand Reflexology Affiliation meeting. They informed me I must program on my keynote speech remaining 1.5 several hours. Now I have offered numerous workshops, trainings, and displays but I was never a keynote speaker so this was something new for me. What was I suppose to present for their opening convention keynote? With 1.5 hrs I was instructed to established the tone for their weekend party. I certain as heck didn’t know what I was going to say. As I commenced to do the job on my keynote, I made a decision to tie it to their concept which they termed ‘Getting to the Heart of Reflexology”. This concept was connected to the Wizard of Oz as it was their 10th anniversary and 10 many years relates to tin, that’s why, the Tin Person who was hunting for a heart.

Acquiring MY REFLEXOLOGY Path Together THE YELLOW BRICK Highway

Non secular instructors notify us that the most effective way to find out our accurate intent is to first understand who we truly are. This indicates knowing how we consider, what our restricting beliefs are and what keeps us curious and interested in anything. As Reflexologists, our curiosity and really like of our profession tells us a whole lot about ourselves. There is a thing magical about Reflexology that keeps us in the recreation and curious to examine more of this great therapeutic modality.

Each of us has our own reasons for continuing with this follow and being on the yellow brick highway trying to get to explain our journey as we go alongside. And just like the Tin Guy, The Lion, The Scarecrow, and Dorothy, we observe our paths exactly where it requires us – every single for our very own reasons and each and every phase together the way, clarifies more of the journey alone.

My journey started about 45 decades ago soon soon after the loss of life of my first spouse when I was 27. I experienced 2 small women and it was the early 70’s. For any individual as previous as I am, you will keep in mind that the 70’s were being a time of confusion, deep adjustments in the way men and women went about doing their lives, hard the process, rocking the boat, and producing lots of more mature individuals to scratch their heads and wonder what has turn into of us as a human race. I made the decision to go from my smaller residence city in New York Point out to the large city of Toronto to go after my schooling. I preferred to master how to be me on my individual phrases and I desired to outline my personal route.

This was frightening at instances but I figured, like Dorothy who was searching for to get again to her dwelling, I needed to find my way back to myself – my foundation of who I am. Together this journey, I was fortunate sufficient to marry Monthly bill, who was also widowed and experienced a smaller son and mixing our households, we turned the Brady Bunch.

Monthly bill introduced me to meditation which led me to consider my to start with yoga academics education in Toronto. 1 night time just after class, my yoga instructor explained he desired to exhibit me some tension point function. I was blessed plenty of to have menstrual cramps at the time and he did some details on me which totally dissipated the cramps and I considered, wow, this positive beats Midol capsules.

About this identical time Bill’s son, Ian was identified with a curvature in his backbone and we had been despatched to Sunnybrook Hospital for X-Rays. The X-Rays confirmed that Ian’s hip bone fit into his hip socket incorrectly which finished with just one leg a lot shorter than the other. I questioned my yoga teacher about the tension position function and no matter whether it could support Ian which led me to my first reflexology teaching referred to as Vita Flex.

I explained to the trainer about Ian’s leg and he had me deliver Ian to him and demonstrated what I really should work on to equilibrium the imbalance taking area in Ian at that time. He claimed there is basically a leg-lengthening issue in the collar bone and other than urgent this place, I was instructed to thumb stroll down both equally sides of Ian’s backbone and push into the shoulder blade factors and the hip place factors alongside with the spinal reflexes in the hands and ft. This took me all of 2 minutes every single working day and soon after 3 months, we returned to Sunnybrook for a different set of X-rays. Ian was completely normalized. We were being extremely impressed!

Now I was on my way – the therapeutic arts was my focus and I was thrilled and in awe of the knowledge of the normal way of addressing imbalances in the system, tension and tension and encouraging the physique to receiving again to harmony. I could not put my arms on people’s toes speedy enough.


On my journey, I gave remedies to consumers even though ending my degree in Psychology and Human Methods Administration. Ultimately, I commenced to function in the corporate earth the place I was released to the Myers Briggs Individuality Style Indicator which appeared at the human instrument in terms of mental features. Imagining about what the yogis said that we are all section of the cosmos consisting of the very same factors: Air, Fireplace, Drinking water, Earth and linking this to the Myers Briggs, I recognized that the two psychological units had substantially in frequent when on the lookout at the human instrument.

We can imagine of ourselves as composed of the subsequent Sides or Expressions:

Mental Facet – linked to the factor of Air,

Social Aspect – related to two factors – Fireplace and Water,

Physical Aspect – linked to the factor of Earth.

When performing as a trainer in the company earth, I used a large amount of many years exploring, looking at, and facilitating programs that aided individuals come to terms with their ‘people’ distinctions working with their subordinates as managers, their bosses, their relatives users, workforce mates and their clients.

So now Reflexology and ‘people differences’ became the two incredibly interesting elements of my journey to self-discovery and I put in my time striving to address the query: How do we deal with these variances that can create triggers, pressure, and stressors prompted by bumping up against others whose tips and behaviours are diverse from mine? For me, everyday living appeared to be about how we each and every, as people today, search for to satisfy our needs and dreams. Consider, for case in point, the Straw Guy in the Wizard of Oz who was hunting for a Brain (the AIR-Psychological Purpose of Tips), although the Cowardly Lion was searching for bravery (the Fire-Social-Psychological Function of Steps), and the Tin Guy was wanting for his Heart (the Water-Social-Actual physical Purpose of subjectivity and Reactions), and Dorothy was hunting for her Residence (the EARTH-Bodily functionality of shelter, basic safety and protection). All on the identical route but for diverse explanations – for positive, however, they were being in search of to fulfill an inner want.


We are all seekers likely about our life but in our personal way in an try to fulfill our needs. Alongside this journey, we are faced with disappointments, with lousy and superior weather conditions, with ups and downs, and with joys and sorrows. When anything occurs in our life that will cause us some interior pressure, it may perhaps be since we have some situation that we really don’t want to face or deal with. It is important to carry troubles to the surface so that they you should not induce us a extra major dilemma. We can shed our concentrate and clarity and get out of stability not just since of bad way of life behavior but due to the fact other people today can cause an unconscious sample inside us which strives to be dealt with.

What I have uncovered more than the several years was that most anxiety-related system imbalances ended up usually activated by a major everyday living party. Probably you located this too in your Reflexology exercise. In actuality, as I ongoing to function on customers when they came for treatment plans all around a specific imbalance, I would check with them the question: when did this imbalance start out? Inevitably an imbalance in the overall body was triggered by an imbalance in a partnership or a disappointment at perform or some type of existence disappointment that impacted either the Mental aspect of ourselves and our anticipations about our daily life the Social aspect of ourselves exactly where we misplaced connections with other folks who disappointed or unhappy us, or the Bodily side of ourselves the place we failed to honour our boundaries in phrases of resources these kinds of as our power, our cash, or our time.

Restricting beliefs in how we imagine, act, or do items in our existence can be a thing that we set up for ourselves when we have been 5 or 10 or what ever age but that can be thoughts that nevertheless run our lives as grown ups such as: I will not ought to have this. I am not fantastic sufficient. Who do I consider I am?

These limiting out-of-date beliefs may perhaps have experienced some basis in defending us when we ended up younger but as we advance in our age and our life, we find out that they do not provide us any more time. Initially, nevertheless, we have to develop into knowledgeable of them and then to value their support in our life, we have to thank them for sharing but we also have to work with these beliefs by expanding or reframing them so that they are everyday living-boosting and not everyday living-proscribing.

Just take, for illustration, a mother who obtained breast cancer appropriate immediately after her 17 12 months-old son got a girl pregnant and decided to get married to her. When asked about this party, she stated that the son was also younger and this wasn’t proper. But what could she do? She felt trapped, baffled, and sad and consequently – currently being a mother, what superior image of motherhood than her breasts. So, to deal with this on an unconscious amount, she not only punished herself but also was punishing her son and his conclusion by acquiring breast most cancers. Daily life is intricate as we offer with deep particular troubles in our life and I always say, you are unable to fix a issue you don’t understand. Answers usually are not constantly apparent but if we can take a look at and challenge our imagining, we can surface our unconscious beliefs and switch them into highly effective motion actions.

Yet another case in point was when Bill arrived back again from a business excursion and he had a sore elbow. When I questioned him, ‘what happened at the meeting’, at initial he could not assume of anything at all but then when prodded, he identified that he was in truth emotion elbowed out of the undertaking. His conscious thoughts didn’t decide up on that so his physique experienced to alert him to pay out focus. This was critical for him to determine in order for him to move ahead in his doing the job occupation and address this problem which had to be tackled the excellent operate of ache often has some info for us if we assess it.

The overall body is constantly telling us matters and we, as Reflexologists, know this very properly since not only can we choose issues up by way of dialogue, we can also come to feel every thing in the reflexes in the toes. The ft never lie – they know precisely what is going on and they can inform us numerous matters about our clients’ imbalances.

A WHOLISTIC Therapeutic Approach

How does figuring out much more about who we are assist us as Reflexologists? The entire body is connected to the whole technique of ourselves – the Mental, the Social, and the Physical sides of ourselves. We are not able to individual who we are from what we do, how we think and go about doing things in our lives and how items can have an impact on us. The very best way to remain wholesome and well balanced is to be awake, warn, and knowledgeable of what is going on equally within our self as perfectly as how very well we are adapting to the exterior globe of situations.

As I grew in my partnership with Reflexology and with the Reflexology Association of Canada, I have taught all the programs from foot reflexology to fingers, ears, and Lecturers Teaching for all 3 modalities. I was lucky plenty of to have some college students take all 3 modalities from me and I asked them: what is the variance for you in acquiring Reflexology of the Ears, Arms, and Ft? The answers were amazing to me and these answers place it all alongside one another as a entire wholistic therapeutic program.

What my pupils expressed to me was specifically as the Yoga Technique suggested. Balancing the technique inside of necessitates that we relaxed the mind (Psychological), cool the feelings (Social), and encourage the physique (Actual physical). When performing the ears, students informed me that they felt calmer and more at peace (Mental). When operating the arms, college students informed me that they felt cherished and that their upsets and frustrations disappeared and their thoughts exactly where in actuality, cooled (Social). And doing the job the ft, students explained that they felt energized and stimulated (Bodily).

Viola! What a great discovery and how intently it all suit jointly with Yoga, Reflexology and Personality choices comprehending. Let us do some light do the job collectively setting up with the ears to aid in calming the Psychological Functionality.

Enable me get your oriented first. Consider of the entire body as upside-down fetus. The ear lobe is the head and the buttocks are at the higher portion of the ear.

Commencing at the outer most side of your ear and with your index finger and thumb, therapeutic massage it as if you have a mustard seed that you want to go close to.

Go along the outer rim absolutely offering zone 1 a massage – Zone 1 is similar to the excretion and respiratory programs.

Zone 2 is similar to the skeletal system. And Zone 3 is associated to the inner organs. The lobe is relevant to the head/rain spot and the tragus and antitrgaus area is associated to the inflammations and fevers. Complete up with the tragus and antitragus reflex area giving the full entire body a therapeutic massage. You may sense like heading to snooze now but hang in there, we’ll do some far more work.

Do the scissor motion by rubbing up and down with your index fingers powering the ears and your other fingers in entrance of the ears as if you are holding your head in the palms of your hand. Charming. Listed here is an excerpt from my new guide: The Nicely-Tempered Everyday living: Mentor Your self to Wellness.

Ear Reflexes

The higher section of the ear corresponds to the lower part of the physique. Applying force right here stimulates reflexes in legs, hips, thighs, reproductive organs, and knees, components of the urinary technique, and the arms and arms.

The middle portion of the ear corresponds to the middle aspect of the system. Making use of strain right here stimulates reflexes in the intestines, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, and portion of the urinary process.

The mid to reduce spot of the ear corresponds to the upper portion of the overall body. Implementing force in this article stimulates reflexes in the chest, breast, lungs, upper neck and back again.

The decrease section of the ear corresponds to the major of the human body. Applying pressure here stimulates reflexes in the neck, head and mind.

Let us move onto the Social Perform and utilizing Reflexology of the Arms.


1. Rub and wring the fingers

2. Press all your finger ideas with each other 10x

3. With your index finger, swipe all the finger necks

4. Therapeutic massage the webs

5. Interlace the fingers and press into the full palmar area

6. Flex wrist and then shake your fingers wildly

7. Hand clap and hug oneself

Operating the fingers is particularly fantastic to do with older people today who will need the convenience of touch to support them sense connected and liked.

Next, let us encourage the feet reflexes.

When considering about the body, functioning the ft as we know has a stimulating impacting through the entire body and is specifically very good to do when feeling lethargic, uninteresting, tired, and fatigued.

For this, carrying out a 2-moment training making use of the Foot Therapeutic massage Mat — SOCKS Really should BE WORN WHEN Initially Working with THE MAT AND In particular FOR TENDER Feet. Lay the Foot Therapeutic massage mat on a flat ground driving a chair and march up and down on the sole of the toes, on the toes, on the sides of the feet, on the heels, and as soon as once again on the flat of the toes.


I believe my journey and my really like of Reflexology is evident in the longevity of my pursuits with it and my determination to sharing Reflexology with many others. I you should not know how quite a few students I have qualified in excess of the a long time in the arms, toes, and ear and academics instruction reflexology classes – heaps! Did I know that this was a existence-lengthy appreciate? Not when I began but as I continued on my journey, I grew to become clearer about what held me curious, fascinated and engaged in existence.

As you go on on your path down the yellow brick highway to find the answers for yourself in terms of your own and qualified Reflexology journey, you might would like to respond to some of these inquiries for on your own:

a. Do you see Reflexology as a interest or as a occupation?

b. What are some aims you could detect for you these days and into your long run with your follow of Reflexology?

c. Where by do you give your treatments? Home, clinics, spas, medical centres, chiropractic office environment, hairdressing, esthetics?

d. What other modalities may well you consider taking to enhance your reflexology therapies? Aroma remedy, Reiki and electrical power operate, esthetics, therapeutic massage?

e. What are you charging and how are you getting acknowledged for your get the job done? The charges can insert up if you are demanded to just take skilled improvement education and learning units, pay out for liability insurance plan, sign up for associations and spend your membership dues. Are you building guaranteed you get paid out a honest cost for your service?

f. What about the economic climate? Who is your customer and can they afford to pay for this company if it is not coated by any of their benefits or plans?

g. What about certification expectations. Who sets the expectations? What are they? How do we instruct these to our college students and apply them in our support to our clientele? How do we monitor them?

Future, get a instant and then full the next:

1. Having Action – Let us think about you have found a magic lamp. You decide on it up and absent-mindedly commence to stroke it and it starts off to talk. As you hear, it tells you that as dollars is not an object of problem, what motion methods would it notify you to choose in phrases of your Reflexology profession?

2. Notify another person – generate a system, share it with another person you rely on and assume about how you’ll feel as soon as you finish all the motion steps on your program.

The question for all of us is definitely, what is reflexology to you? Where are you presently with it in your lifetime? The place do you want to go? Finding to the coronary heart of Reflexology is the two a individual as nicely as a expert question.

How can we form our practical experience of Reflexology now and into the upcoming? A person way is to make what ever you selected to do rely for you. Appreciate what you do. Retain performing what you like to do and I am guaranteed that matters will determine by themselves out alongside the way – we can use the metaphors of the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Male and Dorothy to reveal that you do indeed discover your individual way dependent on your own requires and what ever way that is, for positive, it is the correct route for you.

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