Can Hedgehogs & Terriers Get Along? Socialization is an Issue!

The Remedy:

Certainly, definitely…with a thoroughly socialized terrier you can!

Terriers, by breeding, are hunters. Most terrier breeds ended up made use of to root out vermin and pests, and guide in looking fox, weasel, otter, badger, and many others…Our 5 terriers are great little hunters and continue to have good intuition. They love chasing squirrels, birds, bugs…anything at all that moves in our yard.

Realizing this, you would consider that getting a tiny unique animal as a pet would be out of the problem all-around your terriers…Properly, permit me notify you from working experience that it is doable.

I know, I know…You happen to be imagining that a hedgehog has quills and can secure itself and prevent a terrier from attacking. In section, this is accurate. On the other hand, at no time in any way have any of our 5 terriers wanted to assault our African pygmy hedgehog.

If you appropriately socialize your terrier to accept other animals that are not witnessed as threats, they can have a friendly romance with other animals in your home. I was a little leery, particularly about introducing our small Knosey, as she can be the most “intense” of our minis, but it all went nicely and carries on to go nicely. There will come a position exactly where you just have to believe in your parenting abilities…

Knosey, Valuable & Kurious sit upcoming to the our hedgehog, Kokonut Kreampuff’s cage and pine absent for Kokonut to grace them with her presence. Any small movement of the hedgie sparks their curiosity and they operate to the cage to view just about anything that Kokonut does. Our miniature schnauzers will even come to inform me that the hedgie has awoken out of her snooze and to arrive and see. It is the cutest issue.

I know…Now you happen to be expressing, well, the hedgehog is in a cage…I enable the hedgehog out of the cage with no complications either. In reality, our terriers battle about who can get the closest to the hedgehog.

They encircle Kokonut as she walks all around the house, not at all afraid or bothered by her huge buddies, and they “secure” her from heading less than furniture or into regions she is not supposed to go. They have been recognized to “herd” her into proper and harmless regions of the dwelling or place.

The feminine terriers, specially, feel that it is a baby in the pack and try out to are likely to it. Kurious has been seen hoping to gently lick the hedgehog’s ears and has even attempted to gingerly decide up Kokonut with her entrance teeth to shift her to a greater location. Remarkable! What motherly instincts! They know she is tiny and vulnerable and want to defend, groom and perform with the hedgehog.

I know…Now you are saying, effectively, this seems to be a extremely managed surroundings. To that I snicker…Even when the hedgehog is allowed to roam a bit in the yard, our canine keep on to nurture their connection with their minor good friend.

Kaptain, our male miniature schnauzer, runs about the lawn with a huge chest as a lookout to make positive very little is likely to invade the yard and injure the hedgehog. The ladies choose turns walking following to the hedgie…It is really all so lovely!

The Rationale This Works: Socialization!

We created particular when our terriers were being puppies, to introduce them to a wide range of persons, animals and pets. When you do, you will have to deal with that particular person, animal or pet how you want your terrier to handle them. In the circumstance of a baby or a pet, your terrier desires to know that the youngster or pet is crucial and not to be harmed.

Sit with your terrier and this new good friend, and explain to your terrier that the pal is good. If it is a pet, pet the two of the animals (or leg/arm of little one) to relieve any awkward inner thoughts. Say, “Superior “your pet’s/kid’s name“, Good “your terrier’s title” in a calm, comforting voice to display them that they are both of those important in your guides. This will screen to the animals how you want them to deal with each individual other.

If any behavior occurs that is unsatisfactory or aggressive, you require to nip it in the bud right away by reprimanding your terrier or other pet accordingly. Bear in mind: You are in cost!

On the very same token, you can educate your terrier to dislike yet another animal by becoming aggressive your self to that animal…For illustration, if you really don’t respect the squirrels in your yard, you can instruct your terrier to present aggression toward them and scare them absent. Once again, they will take cues off of your conduct, so make confident you are sending the proper signals.

Puppies, in particular terriers, are super-intelligent and it is simple for them to discover very good behaviors as perfectly as naughty behavior!

by Kimberly Edwards

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