Quantum Physics and Psychological Radionics – Element 2

QP + MR = Health and fitness

In my previous previous (Quantum Physics and Psychological Radionics) I explained in detail the workings of the Quantum Ocean and Mental Radionics. They are items provided to us by the Age of Aquarius. We have just entered the Age of Aquarius, and have about 1950 several years to go right before we enter the Age of Capricorn.

The 3 most significant items in our life are wellbeing, wealth and loving relationships.

Let us converse about overall health in this short article. Quantum Physics, Mental Radionics and Overall health to be a lot more precise.

We are vitality beings. We all are not stable actual physical bodies. We are a number of energy fields (Actual physical, Mental, Psychological, and Spiritual) held together by our Aura (Panty Hose) which surrounds us.

In the Quantum Ocean (Thoughts of God) there exists and archetype or blueprint of a human currently being. This is the cookie cutter that our Soul utilizes to produce a physical overall body when it ‘blinks out’ of the Quantum Ocean. (Infinite Ocean of Considering Vitality) into the physical earth of time and area.

A brand new Soul, so to communicate, or a Soul that is experiencing it’s initial bodily incarnation would ‘blink out’ and produce a correctly healthful body.

But alas, most of us are older Souls and we have gathered down as a result of the a Ages of our incarnations might non-divine energies which have attached them selves to our Souls.

So when we ‘blink out’ into a different incarnation our Soul has to use a bodily blueprint that has pre-present electrical power blockages and sort a physique that is significantly less God-like.

These energy blockages are what results in ailment and dis-eases in the physical system.

If one have been to incarnate into the Divine blueprint for a correctly healthy human system, and lived appropriately, by producing positive that there is a enough circulation of everyday living-power (power) to the physical body and all it really is organs and cells, just one would are living in best health and fitness and functionality, to probably a ripe old age of 144 + a long time.

But we have been programed with erroneus suggestions about wellness and residing. We are living amongst millions of people who assist these erroneus concepts. We have in the earlier sabotaged our overall health with our unfavorable thinking, emoting and acting.

So, here we are with a variety of bodily dis-orders dying off at the the early ages of 60, 70, and 80!

But the good news is now with the Regulations of Quantum Physics and the Science of Mental Radionics, we can get again on observe.

Allow us begin with the most fundamental of health and fitness excersises, using Psychological Radionics.

The Quantum Ocean responds to our thoughts, our visuals and the use of our symbols.

The Science of Radionics tells us we need to have 3 matters to exercise Magic at a length: A Electric power Souce, An Intention, (wish or need), Assumed, Image or image, and a Focus on.

Your mind is the most basic, but very effective, Radionics product.

Let us commence our vacation back again to far better overall health. No a person knows the time variable. Each individual of us is different.

Accomplish this minor Mental Radionics Therapeutic Training at least twice a working day, (morning and night time.)

Sit easily in your favorite chair and take it easy. Breath in and out softly and deeply. When you experience your are in a relaxed point out, commence your visualization. Visualize that you are sitting down in that infinite Ocean of Considering Strength, the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God!)

Within this Quantum Ocean is the Divine Blueprint for every little thing that at any time was, is or will be. The Divine Blueprint for perfect well being is there.

Take a deep breath and intone,: “I am now manifesting the Divine Blueprint of great well being out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) into every mobile of my entire body.”

See and really feel this blueprint (overlay, pattern) settling down over your physique. See it really is sparkling flecks of white light.

Just take three breaths and make a few intonations. Sit and take it easy although the electrical power of the Divine Blueprint enters each and every cell in your overall body and starts the healing procedure.

Here is what has just took place. Your thoughts is a impressive Radionics gadget. When you intoned the words and phrases ‘Divine Blueprint’ it attained into the Quantum Ocean (Intellect of God) and manufactured get in touch with with that Divine Blueprint.

When you intoned, “…… Into every single cell of my overall body….,” you gave this healing energy a

Your intellect (electricity resource) needs excellent health (intention) in each mobile of your human body, (Goal.)

Just about every working day, do not hurry or be impatient. How numerous many years or incarnations have you lived or assumed improperly? How a lot of mental and emotional and non secular blockages do you have? Only time will convey to, and it will consider Time. But it works. It is the Law. The Legislation of Quantum Physics.

Future content articles will explain the use of pics, symbols and pictures to help the therapeutic procedure.

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