3 Fun Video games To Enjoy With Your Yorkie Pup

Yorkshire Terriers are exceptionally playful – they like to operate all around and chase things. They have a great deal of electricity which owners ought to study how to place to great use. Game titles, whether or not indoor or outside, are an outstanding way to hold your pet entertained at the same time insert some schooling lessons. Don’t forget, pet dogs learn basic commands finest when they’re skilled young!

In this article are 3 enjoyable games you could play with your Yorkshire Terrier:

Cover and Search for

This is an great sport to enjoy with your pup that also teaches him the “Come” command. Participate in this activity in a confined, risk-free house in your household or improved nevertheless, outside the house in your property. Participate in with your pet for a handful of minutes then hold out for a minute when he results in being distracted. Cover powering a sofa (or a bush when outside the house). Peek and wait right until he realizes that you are gone and in a natural way he will come wanting for you as Yorkies are inclined to become clingy and affectionate of their entrepreneurs. When he gets close to your hiding spot, shout “Arrive!” – which will educate him to go to you where ever you are.

Find Your Toy

All you have to have for this video game is your pet’s beloved toy. Commence by sitting down in entrance of him in a area, waving his most loved toy saying “Where’s your toy?”. As he appears to be like at the toy in your hand, permit him consider it many situations and enjoy with it for a several minutes. Then acquire him out of the area, hide the toy partly and enable him locate it. All over again, talk to “Where’s your toy?”. The moment he finds it, just take him out of the area all over again but this time hid the toy thoroughly. Ask the problem again and enable your pet sniff the area until he finds his toy. When this activity is profitable, the toy can be an outstanding instructing assist for schooling sessions.


This is a activity/schooling technique that also teaches the “Occur” command. It requires two people today sitting down throughout each and every other in a area about six to 8 toes apart, with 1 keeping the Yorkie and the other a person keeping a take care of. The just one keeping the deal with ought to shout “Come!” in a happy voice, providing the handle as the pup arrives functioning. This teaches your pet to arrive to you even when he is experiencing taking part in with other men and women.

Try these exciting online games with your Yorkshire Terrier which will also be a learning approach for him!

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