What is the Distinction In between Racquetball Balls?

How to Select a Racquetball

So you are baffled by all the diverse colour racquetballs out there. Properly who isn’t really? We are right here to attempt to reveal some of the fundamental distinctions in between the distinct styles of racquetballs that are getting produced.

Blue Racquetballs

Blue is the standard racquetball coloration. This signifies an average speed and bounce. Ektelon, ProKennex and Penn make a blue racquetball. These balls have very similar speeds, although the Ektelon Quality Pick out and ProKennex balls appears to have a lot more bounce. The Penn Ultra-Blue Racquetball is the most popular racquetball among recreational players.

Purple Racquetballs

Pink racquetballs come in two flavors: Penn Ballistic 2. and the Ektelon Fireball (ProKennex can make an Orange Ball that is equivalent). These balls are the speediest and heaviest balls out there. Their velocity and coloration make them in particular exceptional for out of doors play. The Ektelon Fireball Racquetball is the formal ball of Globe Outdoor Racquetball (WOR).

Purple and Environmentally friendly Racquetballs

The purple and inexperienced balls are Penn’s Pro Penn line of racquetballs. These balls participate in speedier than blue, but not as quick as the purple. These balls are really lively in the court docket and are regular tools at most sanctioned tournaments. Many people like the purple ball simply because of it’s increased visibility on the courtroom. The Pro Penn High definition Racquetball is the official ball of the Intercontinental Racquetball Tour (IRT).
Black Racquetballs

Ektelon has a line of vintage black racquetballs. These balls emulate the more mature model of racquetball that was slower, lighter and softer. The enjoy of this ball can frequently direct to longer rallies and is well-liked amongst senior gamers. The Ektelon Traditional Black Racquetball is the formal ball of the Typical Professional Racquetball Tour (CPRT).
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