Outdoor Playground Equipment

Outdoor playground equipment is found in parks, schools, picnic places, recreation clubs, daycare centers, churches and backyards. It is meant to entertain children while providing a place for parents to relax. Playground equipment not only provides entertainment to kids but also develops their physical strength, dexterity, agility and concentration. It also helps them to make a lot of friends.

While installing outdoor playground equipment consider the following: is there enough room for the equipment? What is the size and shape? Is the surface under the equipment safe and resilient; are there proper drainage, water and power facilities? Are there any trees, fences, sidewalks or drains that may obstruct or may be obstructed because of the playground equipment? and so on.

Coming to the equipment itself, check whether it is age-suitable for the child, or is risky or unsafe in any way. Be sure there are no objects protruding or ropes dangling that may cause strangulation or cause the child to trip or fall. Playground equipment should be easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. Make sure it’s durable enough even for harsh outdoor weather conditions.

While ordering outdoor playground equipment, check on the manufacturer’s commitment to safety, whether the equipment been tested for load bearing requirements. Make sure durability tests have been done and that the manufacturer complies with industry specifications, such as whether the play equipment requires parent interaction and supervision. There is also outdoor playground equipments especially for children with disabilities.

There are many manufacturers who provide playground equipment. They custom design it to suit your unique needs, site, age group and budget. They make innovative, affordable, functional and attractive products to suit all kinds of playground needs. Things to be considered while ordering playground equipment are: the price, the ordering forms, shipping details, assembly instructions and post-sales service. The Internet is a very good source of information about playground equipment. There are several sites that can help you locate the best equipment and also to compare prices. Other things to be considered are shipping details, assembly instructions and post-sales service. Remember that the price also includes the freight cost, the installation costs and the surfacing costs along with the equipment costs.

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